rigging information

rigging information

Rigging the flags is simple. It takes around 5 minutes per flag, with a team of 2 or 3 people.

1. Installation layout

Consider your installation layout and mark out if required.

2. Ground spike

Screw the ground spike firmly into turf vertically (or attach pole to any suitable upright object). Our exclusive “leave no trace” ground spike system is especially designed for use on fine lawns and is also effective in flower beds, sand, snow and shingle.

3. Extend the pole

 Extend the telescopic pole horizontally and tape the joints.

4. Slide flag

Gently slide the flag over the pole tip and down to base of pole.

5. Tension and tie

Apply just a little tension and tie with a bow.

6. Lift pole and flag

Lift pole and flag to vertical and lower over ground spike to complete rigging.

7. View installation

Stand back, view installation and adjust positions/tension of individual flags if required to gain maximum effect.
Detailed photo instructions and display/rigging tips are included with each order.