Q. How big are the flags?

A.  As every flag is individually hand cut and we don’t use sizing templates flags do vary, but on average each flag is approximately 6m+ tall and 1.35m wide which gives an area of about 8m2. The self install poles are 8m tall which allowing for the curve at the head makes an overall height of approx 7.5m. Our festival pole system (crew install only) can achieve heights of over 15m.

Q. What are the flags made of?

A. The main flag material is usually a lightweight synthetic cloth called habutae silk, it is colourful, strong and moves beautifully in the wind. The translucent panel seen on most flags is organza and the poles are telescopic fibreglass tubes especially made by a leading fishing rod manufacturer. The ground stakes are designed and made exclusively for us from milled aluminium billet and tubing.

Q. What colours do you do?

A. Our flags are available in combinations of white, ivory, silver, champagne, yellow, gold, pink, red, green, blue and more. The white flags, for example, may have several different “whites” in each flag or group while flags such as reds will have differing shades of red and perhaps, a flash of gold or yellow too. The colour combinations are designed to be complementary and can unite the flags across the range. Our collection of flags is constantly growing and we can offer additional flags of varying styles, colours and sizes. Please contact us for lastest design information.

Q. We’ve got a birthday bash planned, can we order a specific number of flags like a specific number of candles on a cake or does that make things too complicated?

A. You’re welcome to order any number of flags and this is a popular option for anniversaries too. We are happy to work out the total price for you. Check out our price list page for information about prices.

Q. Our wedding has a purple/gold theme, but we can’t see any matching flags on the website, can you help?

A. Most of the flags have an attachment loop hidden at the tip, you could add purple streamers (we can offer over 60 colours) to our gold flags or alternatively we could make flags especially for your wedding theme. Bespoke flags are available for sale or can be custom made and then hired (subject to design and colours). You could also consider booking a mixture of both bespoke flags and our hire flags. Please contact us for design ideas and quotations.

Q. I am planning a beach party for my husband’s 40th. Can the flags be put on a sandy beach?

A. Yes the flags always look great on beaches. The ground spike system although originally designed for turf and grass can also be used in sand, shingle and snow.

Q. Is it possible to hire the flags for a longer time?

A. Yes, please contact us to discuss your requirements

Q. The venue only has hard standing, how can we fix the flagpoles to the ground?

A. The flags can be attached by heavy duty cable ties (not supplied) to any suitable upright object (posts, fence etc). We are currently exploring several other portable base options for hard standing, but as yet we do not feel we can recommend any other systems as cost effective or most importantly safe and secure.

Q. Would we be charged if any flags are damaged or torn?

A. You are responsible for the on time safe return of all hire goods but as the flags and poles are lightweight structures we are not surprised by some damage or wear and tear from time to time. Over the past few years we have rigged and installed literally thousands of flags of various types and we know that no matter how careful you are breakages will sometimes occur both during display and handling. We want you to have happy memories of the flags and us. We promise to deal with any breakages fairly and sympathetically, however we would expect reimbursement for any losses or what we might think excessive or unnecessary damage. We do ask you to care for the flags and most importantly report and label any damage or loss so that we can put it right before the next hire.

Q. We really like the look of your flags but the hotel we have booked for our reception has only fine lawns and they are worried about us causing damage to it.

A. Our purpose made ground stake system was especially designed to be suitable for use on fine lawns and gardens. When correctly used the 25.4mm screw-in alloy stake will leave no trace or visible damage. If required please contact us for reassurance and if necessary a sample ground stake and instructions can be sent for both you and the hotel to experiment with (deposit and postage charge required). We are also happy to contact the venue direct.

Q. Will the flags still fly if there’s no wind?

A. Yes, the design and the gentle tension applied during rigging ensure the flags keep their shape. Some of the photos in the gallery were taken in zero wind. See if you can tell which ones….

Q. There will be a lot of young children at our function, are the flags safe?    

A. The total dry weight of each flag, pole and ground spike combined is 1.8kg (4lb) some of which is below, at or near ground level. Even in the improbable event of total equipment failure it is extremely unlikely that any injury or damage will be caused. However we certainly do not recommend that children are allowed to play with or swing on the flags.

Q.What happens if a gale blows?

A. Our self install flags are designed and tested to perform in wind speeds of up to 25mph (Beaufort scale force 6) which is really quite a strong wind for any outdoor function (Crew install - up to 50mph subject to suitable ground fix). In the event of more extreme winds or squalls please lay the fully rigged flags flat on a clean snag free ground area one on top of another with the leading edge into the wind. The ground stakes can be left in position. The flags can be easily reinstalled after the adverse weather has passed.

Q. If they’re wet, do the flags have be dried and folded for return?

A.  No, wet or dry just bundle the flags loosely into the supplied bag and we will check/clean/dry when they arrive back with us. Note- Always try to de-rig the flags when dry if possible, they are much easier to handle.

Q. Can the flags be displayed indoors?

A. Our hire flags are not suitable for public indoor installations as effective fire retardants may adversely affect the motion of flags during outdoor use and could eventually wash out anyway. But we are always happy to treat bespoke orders with flame retardant to British Standard 5438 level if required.

Q. The flags look amazzzzzing! but one got quite muddy while we were putting them up. What’s the best way to clean it?

A. Don’t worry. Take the flag down (always work with your back to the wind so that the flag flies away from you clear of the ground). Put one hand under the flag to support and gently sponge the upper surface with warm slightly soapy water, then repeat on underside if required. When clean put the flag back up and it will dry itself in no time. If a flag has become excessively dirty remove it from the pole and hand wash in a bowl of warm soapy water (do not wring or twist), rinse, then hang to partially dry before reinstalling.

Q. Is possible to arrange collection of the flags ourselves?

A. We are happy to discuss any alternative delivery/collection methods, please contact us.

Q. How big is the box of flags as I will need to take it in my car to the venue?

A.  A box of 10  flags complete with the fittings and poles weighs only 25kg. and measures 150cm x 30cm x 25cm. These can easily be carried inside most cars. 

Q. Are the flags noisy?

A. In light winds the flags make only a minimal sound when compared with the rip stop nylon used on many commercial flags and as our flags need no swivelling boom at the top of the pole, there’s no “creaking” either! However in a good breeze the flags will delevop a “crackling noise” not unlike a good bonfire (Which we rather like!)

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